The Art of Communication

In this workshop, participants study the art of communication and learn how their own skills can be continually refined and mastered. The meaning of dialogue is introduced and practiced to improve the participant's ability to communicate during tough conversations. Participants learn how to use active listening skills to enhance their relationships. Additional topics include how to facilitate an effective meeting, delivering a powerful presentation and overcoming anxiety in public speaking.

4 hours; includes handouts, training.

Best Practices in Supply Chain Management

Organizations that optimize Supply Chain Management Processes function at optimal capacity, maximizing customer value and creating a sustainable competitive advantage. This workshop covers planning, sourcing, operations, delivery, metics, continuous improvement and IT support systems. The sessions are highly interactice and include hands-on demonstrations. The program can be a half day session or be expanded with a powerful simulation to a full day session to further integrate the learning and practice application. The optional Simulation Session provides engaging, competitive, hands-on experience in a team setting to demonstrate the principles and best practices of the previous workshop.  Collaboration, data-driven decision making, tradeoffs between quality and quantity team dynamics and organizational design are woven into the experience.   

Corporate Culture

In this workshop participants learn to recognize corporate culture and values, distinguish between global culture and culture within and how to live and lead in a workplace you admire.

Creative & Critical Thinking

Participants focus of a variety of topics which include thinking beyond self, creativty and collaboration, change management and innovation.

Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity & Inclusion

This interactive workshop is designed to stimulate participants' thinking on "diversity and inclusion" in the workplace and their leadership implications. The workshop helps participants create their strategy to enhance their intercultural competence. Participants also have an opportunity to explore specific ways to promote diversity and inclusion in their organizational settings. The workshop uses various teaching methods to fully engage participants including a case study.

4 hours: follow-up coaching is recommended

Emotional Intelligence

This comprehensive program utilizes both the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessment. Programming includes leading through emotional intelligence, communication skills, managing conflict, managing through people, understanding cultural and generational diversity, and critical thinking. The combination of assessments, training, and optional coaching provides a powerful insight into leadership and tools for development.

Seven day-long sessions, one per month; includes personalized assessments, handouts, training, optional individual professional coaching.

Generations in the Workplace

Participants learn ways to understand the behaviors and motivators of the four generations in the workforce and how to bridge the gap for optimum interactions and performance. This engaging workshop is ideal for teams and departments to take together to learn how to achieve shared results.

4 hours; includes handouts, training.

Introduction to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI)

In this introductory course, participants learn what their own Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is and how their own preferences affect their behavior in work and life. A focus on self awareness and communication with others is woven throughout the content of the workshop to help the participants develop their own strengths, recognize their least-preferred Type and appreciate the strengths and diversity of other Types. One-on-one coaching sessions are also provided to enhance the individual participant's personal and professional development.

4 hours; includes personalized assessments, handouts, training.

Managing Conflict

Using the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), this workshop defines the five different conflict modes-competing, accommodating, avoiding, compromising and collaborating-and teaches the participant how to use each mode effectively, depending on the situation. The participant's most preferred and least preferred conflict resolution modes are identified and strategies for utilizing the other modes are explored.

4 hours; includes handouts, training.

Managing Through Change & Transition

In this introspective workshop, participants learn how to recognize the three phases of Transition and how to navigate their way through each phase. Learning how to distinguish a Change from a Transition, participants then explore their own experiences to develop strategies for managing themselves and others in the future.

4 hours; includes handouts, training

Strategic Management

This workshop fully incorporates the ideas of Mission vs Vision, Understanding Strategic Planning, Metrics, Smart Goals and Objectives and Setting Personal Goals.

Succession Planning

This ½ day workshop includes the following topics:

1.      How to identify and focus on critical positions using workforce projection data, risk assessment, and other tools
2.      Identifying competencies to inform learning and development plans and assessing performance
3.      Identifying succession management strategies
4.      Documentation and implementation of succession plans, creating an action plan
5.      Evaluating the effectiveness of succession plans
6.      Best practices in succession planning


Teambuilding with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI)

In this teambuilding course, participants from an intact team learn together how their Individual Types contribute to the overall accomplishments of the Team. A focus on how to identify everyone's dominant function along with learning ways to leverage each Team Member's strengths to maximize the Team's efforts is explored. Using the foundation of Type, the topics of appreciative inquiry, conflict resolution and leadership are explored. One-on-one coaching sessions can also be provided to enhance the individual participant's personal and professional development. Introduction to the MBTI workshop or an equivalent is a prerequisite.

4 hours; includes handouts, training.

Train the Trainer for Subject Matter Experts

This workshop teaches the content expert how to create an interactive, informational and impactful training session. Participants learn the philosophy of adult learning and the importance of creating a participant-centered learning environment; understanding their own learning styles and how it impacts training. Additional topics include reviewing the six steps for designing a successful training session, how to use powerful visual aids, tips for improving presentation skills and overcoming anxiety in public speaking.

6 hours; includes handouts, training. 

For more information on how to bring these programs to your personnel or how Virginia Tech can customize other topics for your organization, please contact Teressa Trotta, Assistant Director of the VT Richmond Center.


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