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Conference Planning & Meeting Management

We are experienced in providing full-scale offsite conference planning and management services. Whether you are planning a small workplace retreat or a large conference spanning multiple days, the Virginia Tech Richmond Center can help! 

Conference Planning and Management Services include:

  • Placing program under official university sponsorship
  • Event budget creation and management
  • Establishing a university fund to provide complete financial accountability Contract negotiations with conference venue(s)
  • Contract negotiations with conference speaker(s)
  • Registration services
  • Event website creation
  • Printed materials design
  • Payment of all event-related invoices
  • Onsite logistical support
  • Issuing Continuing Education Unit (CEU) certificates 

...and more! 

Virtual Conference and Meeting Management 

Are you looking for creative ways to host meetings and conferences in our new virtual world?  We will work with you to host virtual events that are efficient and engaging.  From virtual breakout rooms to virtual networking opportunities, we can assist with everything!

Benefits of working with Virginia Tech:

  • Places program under official university sponsorship
  • Allows attendees to earn Continuing Education Units (CEU)
  • Relieves you and your organization of technical setup and management
  • Leaves the negotiating to us for speakers and other services or sponsors
  • Conducts virtual training with people from multiple locations or across the state

What we can do:

  • Create event budget and management
  • Establish a university fund to provide complete financial accountability
  • Negotiate contracts with conference speaker(s)
  • Handle all registration services
  • Offer creative services such as design of event website, printed materials, and more
  • Handle the payment of all event-related invoices
  • Take care of pre-conference planning to ensure speakers are prepared and participants are kept apprised of all pertinent event details
  • Offer technical assistance during the conference, including helping with chat/Q&A/breakout management, recording, and more
  • Execute post-conference follow-up, including posting of recordings and/or clips, and all participant communication
  • Provide closed-captioning services for live conferences and meetings as well as recordings

Past Programs include:

  • Office of Children's Services
    • Annual Commonwealth of Virginia CSA Conference (2012-Present; Virtual in 2020 and 2021)
    • EBP Trainings (Virtual - 2021)
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
    • VCU Pediatrics at the Beach Conference (2022)
  • Virginia Information Technologies Agency/VITA
    • VITA Security Conference (Virtual - 2022)
  • Virginia Network Annual State Conference (2012-2018) 
  • Virginia Network Senior Leadership Seminar (2012-2018) 
  • 2016 & 2020 High-Fidelity Wraparound Conference 
  • Virginia Commission of the Arts
    • VCA Artworks for Virginia (Virtual - 2021)
    • VCA Artworks Monthly Series (Virtual - 2022)
  • Dept. of Education 
    • 2016 New Teacher Institute
    • 2015-2016 Leadership Development for Principals
    • 2016 Work-Based Learning Conference
    • 2016 Math Strategies for Success Conference
  • Dept. of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services
    • Office of Child & Family Services Statewide Training (2012-Present)
    • Substance Use Symposium (Virtual - April 2021, November 2021)
    • Office of Cultural & Linguistic Competency Training (2012 - 2016)

For a customized conference management quote, contact Liz Fillman.